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Dena is a valued printmaker with over 20 years of experience in teaching and guiding individuals of all ages and skill levels. Dena is deeply committed to providing top-notch screen printing workshops tailored to the needs of all participants. Her primary goal is to empower participants to produce outcomes that can be showcased within their school or community, effectively conveying a meaningful message to the audience.

Dena's workshops are meticulously designed to be both enjoyable and educational, offering an immersive experience that fosters creativity. She has the ability to custom-tailor workshop themes to align with your current lessons, seamlessly integrating the screen printing experience with your curriculum. By incorporating art and hands-on practice, Dena's screen printing workshops provide participnats with a distinct opportunity to unleash their creativity while acquiring valuable skills. In addition to gaining practical knowledge in printmaking techniques, participants develop a profound understanding of visual communication and design.

Collaborative projects encourage artistic expression, while simultaneously nurturing the importance of teamwork and creative problem-solving. Furthermore, these workshops serve as a catalyst for stimulating imagination and critical thinking, contributing to a comprehensive learning journey for students of all ages and abilities. Dena has delivered enriching workshops to numerous prmary and secondary schools, and her offerings include creating banners, collaborative tote bags featuring pupils' drawings, and poster screen printing workshops for display in school classrooms or halls. If you're looking to elevate the artistic experience for your class, Dena is the ideal choice.

Full school day session includes option to print x 30 tote bags, 50 A4 paper prints, x 2 natural fabric banner 1 x 2 metres.

No more than 30 participants (one class size) One adult to every 10 participants is required throughout the workshop to support the class and activity.

Two weeks priop to the workshop visit a PDF document will be sent out to confirm the workshop details, documentes (risk assessment) what we will require prior to the vist such as the room set up.

If you have any questions regards the workshop please do not hesitate to make contact.